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Keep "Em...IT'S WORTH IT!

Boundaries- Step 3 Keep Them

I told God, “This time—-this time, God! I promised I wasn’t going to do it again.” Two weeks later and I’m back at the same position with another person that I promised 2 weeks prior that I wasn’t going to be in a “situation” with.

God must be tired of my antics and so many broken promises that are never kept. My intentions are well intended, yet I kept missing the mark. I kept bending myself for the other person only to hurt myself in the end.

I don’t know, maybe I really thought that this time—this time would be different. This time I would get what I secretly wanted at the end.

"I really thought that people would respect my boundaries even if I didn't respect them full-time."

How many of you find yourself in this same spot promising to God or whomever you believe that “I would never again!”? And at the moment you actually believe it? Shoot, I even start to believe it for you.

You start to insert little caveats to your aforementioned declarations, which are only windows of opportunities leading back to a big NO to you and yes to whatever/whomever else.

My sister recently told me you have to be what you want to attract. I took that as you have to keep or stand firm on what you want others to keep when it comes to you.

Think to yourself—what aren’t you keeping, but saying you stand for? Are you setting boundaries only to poke holes that makes it desirable and digestible to someone else? Are you being true to yourself? Or, are you hoping that someone will be true to you by FINALLY noticing the weak boundaries that you have neglected to keep?

News Alert!

They aren’t! So, it’s up to you to make them bolder and start keeping them.

What say you, sis?

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