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Individual Session

Are you a High level woman who loves to rock your natural hair, wears wigs or weaves, rock high heels and chucks, who likes to wear bold prints or color block? Are you a stay at home mom, Corporate America woman or an Entrepreneur? Are you a first Generation American who has been struggling to really find your identity while still being true to your culture? Is this you? Do you want something new? Are you wanting to live a life free and especially in the purpose that you were made for?

There is so much to you yet unexplored. There is so much of you that is waiting to be unveiled. Look no further. You have come to the right place where I will help navigate with you through any blockage and discomforts that continues to delay your mental, physical and emotional health.

Sessions with myself will be for 50 minutes where we would meet either 1x every week or bi-weekly. Sessions consist of “whatever” and I mean it! You don’t have to prepare what to speak about before each session; I just ask that you be open to just be present in every session. Whatever needs to come up will come up—trust me! I am a strength-based therapist because no matter what stage you are in your life, currently you are stronger than you think. I want to pull on your strength. I also work from a person-centered approach because I know and believe that you have it in you to be the change you want.

You got this!

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Individual Session: About Me
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