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Holding Hands

Couples Therapy

It’s hard to sit with a partner who seems so distant from you—not just physically, but emotionally. It’s hard to feel like just a roommate with someone who you’ve believed to be your soulmate. It’s hard to not feel seen or heard, yet in plain sight of the person who you desperately want to be seen by. How do you even begin to tell your friends or family of the state of your relationship? How do you even begin to admit to yourself that more than often divorce/breakup seems to surface at the forefront of your mind just to soothe the pain of the cold feeling you feel when you can’t seem to reach the one you love.

I hear and see you BOTH. You don’t have to continue be alone in this process of searching for when it possibly took a turn for the worst. Perhaps, therapy is your last resort of help. Perhaps, you are already checked out. I would like to point out something even if that were to be true, you still have one ounce of hope/fight left in you because you landed on my page. I see you trying.

Couples therapy are 90 minutes long and needs to be first priority for the couples. Couples will meet 1x weekly/bi-weekly.

In our sessions together I want to help you discover

 Intimacy/”It’s not just about sex”

 Authenticity

 Forgiveness

 Healing

 Growth in creating new memories

I train in both Prepare/Enrich, in which I have all my couples take an assessment to identify areas that work well as well as areas needing more loving. I also have training in Emotion Focused Therapy, EFT, which is highly beneficial to the emotional state of the couple.

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Couples Therapy: About Me
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