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Artist in Workshop

Therapy for Creatives

A creative is an artist (not just a painter or musician). It is an individual and leader. A person who thinks outside the box and isn’t afraid to break the rules. It is a person who creates art as an extension of themselves to tell an unspoken story not yet heard.


As a Creative therapist, I understand the challenges that come with being a creative. Often the demands of others or even the multiple stressors of life pose as a mental strain to your creative expression. I call them an Impasse.


Impasses can present as:

Decreased desires to create

Increased self criticism

 Self Doubt

Increased Fear


Fear of mistakes


I am an abstract artist who has been in the field of creating since my adolescence and have seen and continue to see how certain blockages can prevent a creative to feel free to be attune with just being. I have created Color Me Therapy based on this one premise—Be you. Color Me Therapy sessions are unique session geared towards creating by way of talk therapy. In essence, what is created communicates what is inaudible, and through process we are able to communicate what has been holding the individual from being present in his or her own work.


Sessions are 2 hours of goodness to give efficient amount of time for process and creation through art.

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