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Marriage Proposal

Pre-Marital Counseling

You said, “I do!” now what? First of all, congratulations! You are about to embark in the most monumental experience of your life. And I am certain you have probably heard it from more than one person—ARE you READY? And you quickly reply---Yes! But, then reality begins to settle in and you’re confident yes, but may be followed by anxious uncertainties about whatever your anxiety could bring up!

Breathe!!! You are perfectly normal. Even the most certain and assured person can still have ounce of doubts before the final I do’s. Here’s where I come in.

In our sessions, you will commit to 8 sessions, which you will dedicate to identifying and processing areas within your relationship that may have never been discussed or completely a taboo (like sex and the many expectations), trust me it’s a thing. I want to give room for you to go into those uncomfortable spots and really have those heart to heart conversations that are so needed to jump-start the health of your relationship.

Why at least 8 sessions? Because it’s pretty standard for pre-marital counseling and my mission is to get the conversation started, identified and brought back to reality. Your relationship will not be problem free, I just want to allow the space to have true intimate open dialogue.

The goal:

 Identify keys areas of strength (because strength is POWER)

 Identify areas needing more loving

 Finding your voice and the importance of utilizing it

 Breaking down the idea of “communication problems”

 Identifying the importance of being seen (True Intimacy)

Pre-Marital Counseling: About Me
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