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7 Tips to Beat the Valentine's Day Blues

Updated: Jan 23

For singles and those in not-so-great relationships, Valentine’s Day can be a tough holiday to be happy.

Valentine’s Day just like so many holidays can bring about so many emotions









What so many people celebrating this Valentine's Day alone forget, is that it’s just a day. It doesn’t take away from your worth. It doesn’t even add to its worth. It doesn’t matter how many balloons are blown up in the store or chocolates are bought it is just a day.

Why let one day of love, stop you from enjoying love the way you want it? Crazy, right?

Here are 7 ways to combat Valentine’s Day Blues.

Treat yourself to a YOU Day!

It literally can be whatever your heart truly desires, but make it about you. Be sure to add an extra dose of love (therapist prescribed). Some of my happy places to be are at a coffee shop (but, I don’t drink coffee) I just love to ppl watch and get my favorite desserts. If you’re anything like me, then set aside some extra money to splurge a little more today. Who said you couldn’t get dressed up and have dinner for 1?!?! Get dressed and maybe have an early dinner to beat the holiday crowd, but make it about you. No exceptions!

2. Monitor your FEELINGS

Be intentional about not going down the slippery slope that your mind will take you on. Those thoughts aren’t true. Check your feelings. Be happy for those who are experiencing what you may not have YET! And check it!

3. Tap into your COMMUNITY

This is VERY necessary! Your community is your lifeline. Use it. Ask for permission to just be raw about where you are and what you need. Let your TRUSTED community be just that for you—a place to find resources and comfort.

4. Give love to someone who needs LOVE

I have found the gift of love that has in turn made me filled with love. Give someone the gift of love. Create a flower arrangement. Create some handmade cards. Bake a cake, cupcakes, or cookies. Phone someone and tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Whatever you do choose to love someone today.

5. Challenge yourself to do something DIFFERENT

There are plenty of activities that are efficient to try. You don’t have to be perfect. The goal is to get out of your head and try something new and different. It can be picking up a new recipe and trying it out with a friend or by yourself. Or, trying a new craft activity. Whatever it is, try something new.

6. Create a New Tradition

What if you changed the meaning and activities of Valentine’s Day? What if you made it more about what you wanted it to be? What if this was a new tradition that filled you with joy, rather than somber feelings? Create a new tradition for you.

7. Push through the SADNESS

Feelings go up and down. I want to encourage you to push pass sadness. It will feel very uncomfortable and exhausting because let’s face it what you are grieving seems very real. But, what if you could win this cycle of sadness and push pass it all to see the sun sooner than you’d imagine you would? It’s a wild thought, but you’d have to agree it’s a pretty good one.


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