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Did you do it?

Hey guys

So, I recently watched the most remarkable movie that, I think, I have ever seen. It confirmed that the power of and the belief in the continual reciting of words have power. The movie King Richard made me feel alive again. What I say is not fluff, but has value.

I want you to

start repeating words that are positive. There’s no need to say what you want to keep away. Instead, speak what you want to attract. Place boundaries around them. You have to shift your mindset when it comes to boundaries to not see them as negative. Boundaries keep you focused and aligned with the direction you’re heading.

But, sis, you have to state them. State them so it’s not viewed as burdensome to you. How you view them and communicate reflects how you will keep them. I mentioned before to give me your why. Well, state your why and believe it.

This week I want you to go back to your boundary web exercise and start repeating your why until you believe it.

Say it LOUD with your feminine chest!

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