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Hey Ladies!

This month, I’ll be sharing everything you need to know about boundaries to jump start your healthy and fulfilling relationships for 2022.

First off, let’s really define boundaries. I define boundaries as gateways. You have the power to grant access to these gateways to whomever you want. It keeps who you want near you as well as who you don’t want in your space.

This is why boundaries are so important. They force you to ask and answer the question, “What are you protecting?” I believe you should protect your heart. Your heart is THE most fragile and influenced part of you. If someone has your heart strings, they have your mind. HEART AND MIND WORKS TOGETHER. Yes, sis! Your heart is at a very high stake!

Now that we have identified what needs protection, it’s important to create fences and not walls around your heart. Trust me there’s a difference.

Fences allow windows of exploration while walls block and create space for any exploration. Boundaries doesn’t say not to explore. It suggests to remember that you are still the gatekeeper as to how much you do explore and who you will allow along the way.

Sis, your boundaries are your boundaries You do not need to explain and it doesn’t need to be accepted. It just needs to make sense to you for you to accept them. Boundaries are meant to not make others feel comfortable. It’s meant to create standards in your own life. Remember why you create them in the first place. You didn’t like what it did to you when boundaries were disregarded.

In the next couple of days in the month of December, evaluate the experiences you’ve had in the last 11 months and answer these questions below:

  1. What did you like?

  2. What didn’t you like?

  3. What made you uncomfortable?

  4. What feelings did you justify? Minimize? Or rationalized?

  5. What did you delay for sake of other approvals?

  6. What do you want?

Let the answers to this exercise help you to CREATE the boundaries needed in this New Year!

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