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Color Me Therapy

Healing one heart at a time

Have you been holding off getting to the root of your emotions? Have you been finding yourself in the same type of relationship with different people? Have you been feeling burnt out and exhausted about all the things that you have to do before you reach (fill in the blank)? Has life just been kicking your butt and you are just tired of fighting?

I have one question for you: Are you ready to start the healing?

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My name is Stacey Bessard and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in the state of Ohio, Georgia and Florida. As a first generation Haitian American, I’ve realized that I am always evolving and as I evolve into a complex person, I will continue to redefine who I am.  With this in mind, I seek to sit with clients beyond the surface levels to identify the core issues of the heart that are not communicated.

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There is enough space for you at the table. There is no need to conform. Just be you and the circle will expand.

Stacey B.

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In the time that I’ve been working with Stacey, I’ve learned to apply  various practices into my daily life that have allowed me to better control my anxiety. I have also gained a new perspective on life around me, and how to deal with the challenges that come my way. I would recommend her services to anyone who is looking into trying therapy.

I came to Stacey (Color me therapy) after experiencing a very bad breakup. I had been in and out of therapy for most of my adult life. Stacey has been a great resource helping me unravel experiences from my childhood to interactions I have today. It is very refreshing to have someone that can understand my cultural experiences as a Black woman and provide a safe space to discuss my emotions.  Having Stacey in my corner is helping me to fight for my happiness. Best decision I have made in a while.

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