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Services Offered

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Individual Therapy

Are you a High level woman who loves to rock your natural hair, wears wigs or weaves, rock high heels and chucks, who likes to wear bold prints or color block? Are you a stay at home mom, Corporate America woman or an Entrepreneur? Are you a first Generation American who has been struggling to really find your identity while still being true to your culture? Is this you? Do you want something new? Are you wanting to live a life free and especially in the purpose that you were made for?

There is so much to you, yet unexplored. There is so much of you that is waiting to be unveiled. Look no further. You have come to the right place where I will help navigate with you through any blockage and discomforts that continues to delay your mental, physical and emotional health.

Sessions with myself will be for 50 minutes where we would meet either 1x every week or bi-weekly. Sessions consist of “whatever” and I mean it! You don’t have to prepare what to speak about before each session; I just ask that you be open to just be present in every session. Whatever that needs to come up will come up—trust me! I am a strength-based therapist because no matter what stage you are in your life currently you are stronger than you think. I want to pull on your strength. I also work from a person-centered approach because I know and believe that you have it in you to be the change you want.

You got this!

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Couples Therapy

It’s hard to sit with a partner who seems so distant from you—not just physically, but emotionally. It’s hard to feel like just a roommate with someone who you’ve believed to be your soulmate. It’s hard to not feel seen or heard yet in plain sight of the person who you desperately want to be seen by. How do you even begin to tell your friends or family of the state that your relationship? How do you even begin to admit to yourself that more than often divorce/breakup seems to surface at the forefront of your mind just to soothe the pain of the cold feeling you feel when you can seem to reach the one you love.

I hear and see you BOTH. You don’t have to continue be alone in this process of searching for when it possibly took a turn for the worst. Perhaps, therapy is your last resort of help. Perhaps, you are already checked out. I would like to point out something even if that were to be true, you still have one ounce of hope/fight left in you because you landing on my page. I see you trying.

Couples therapy are 90 minutes long and needs to be first priority for the couples. Couples will meet 1x weekly/bi-weekly.

In our sessions together I want to help you discover

 Intimacy/”It’s not just about sex”

 Authenticity

 Forgiveness

 Healing

 Growth in creating new memories

 I training in both Prepare Enriched, which I have all my couples take an assessment to identify areas that work well as well as areas needing more loving. I also have training in Emotion focused Therapy, EFT, which is highly beneficial to the emotional state of the couple.

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Pre-Marital Counseling

You said, “I do!” now what? First of all, congratulations! You are about to embark in the most monumental experience of your life. And I am certain you have probably heard it from more than one person—ARE you READY? And you quickly reply---Yes! But, then reality begins to settle in and your confident yes, may be followed by anxious uncertainties about whatever your anxiety could bring up!

Breathe!!! You are perfectly normal. Even the most certain and assured person can still have ounce of doubts before the final I do’s. Here’s where I come in.

In our sessions, you will commit to 8 sessions, which you will dedicate to identifying and processing areas within your relationship that may have never been discussed or completely a taboo (like sex and the many expectations), trust me it’s a thing. I want to give room for you to go into those uncomfortable spots and really have those heart to heart conversations that are so needed to jumpstart the health of your relationship.

Why at least 8 sessions? Because it’s pretty standard for pre-marital counseling and my mission is get the conversation started, identified and brought back to reality. Your relationship will not be problem free, I just want to allow the space to have true intimate open dialogue.

The goal:

 Identify keys areas of strength (because strength is POWER)

 Identify areas needing more loving

 Finding your voice and the importance of utilizing

 Breaking down the idea of “communication problems”

 Identifying the importance of being seen (True Intimacy)

Artist in Workshop

Therapy for Creatives

A creative is an artist (not just a painter or musician). It is an individual and leader. A person who thinks outside the box and isn’t afraid to break the rules. It is a person who creates art as an extension of themselves to tell an unspoken story not yet heard.

As a Creative therapist, I understand the challenges that come with being a creative. Often the demands of others or even the multiple stressors of life pose as a mental strain to your creative expression. I call them an Impasse.

Impasses can presents as:

 Decreased desires to create

 Increased self criticism

 Self Doubt

 Increased Fear

 Overthinking

 Fear of mistakes

I am abstract artist who have been in the field of creating since my adolescence and have seen and continue to see how certain blockage can prevent a creative to feeling free to be attune with just being. I have created Color Me Therapy based on this one premise—Be you. Color Me Therapy sessions is a unique session geared towards creating by way of talk therapy. In essence, what is created communicates what is inaudible and through process we are able to communicate what has been holding the individual from being present in his or her own work.

Sessions are 2 hours of goodness to give efficient amount of time for process and creation through art.

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Color Me Therapy for Couples

re you a couple who is looking for another way to connect? Have you tried talk therapy and it just didn’t seem to work? Are you a couple who wants a new experience out of your sessions? I believe you’re in need of a color me therapy session. Sessions are done in person to get the most out of your experience. It can be an additional service to your on-going couples therapy or a date night to connect emotionally. I get it; sometimes it’s hard connecting emotionally with your partner when life doesn’t give you the opportunity. Color Me Therapy allows for me to help both partners to see the impasses that prevent true emotional security and get you in a deeper connection for your relationship.

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Group Seflie

Color Me Therapy for Groups/Corporate Groups

Self Care is an underrated point of focus, but a highlighted concern among many groups. Without some level of self-care individuals run the risk of operating on an empty tank, which leads to

 Increased frustrating

 Decreased Tolerance

 Higher turn over

 Increased anxiety

 Increased irritability

 Depressed mood

What if there was a self-care that can be a form of release? What if there was a self-care that addressed the challenges you experienced while giving you an creative outlet to expressing. I have seen the success rate and the immediate effects that one Color me Therapy session can have. This is your sign. This is what you have been wanting for yourself and even for your staff. Learn about how you can book your next color me therapy session Today.

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